Container Prices

All Cal believes in putting all prices right out there. You will not get a “bait and switch” with us. We don’t advertise one price and try to up sell you when you call.

We have included a list of delivery rates for many cities however if you don’t see your city please call, text, or email for a delivery quote for your delivery location

*20' X 8' X 8'6" Standard Height $2200.00 

*40' X 8' X 8'6"  Standard Height $2350.00 

*40' X 8' X 9' 6"  High Cube  $2450.00

*45' X 8' X 9' 6"  High Cube $2700.00 

*1 Trip (new) Containers

*1 Trip prices can fluctuate daily.

    Please call to confirm current pricing and availability.

*20' X 8 X 8'6  $3200.00

*40' X 8' X 8'6"  Standard Height (please call for current price)

*40' X 8' X 9' 6"  High Cube  (please call for current price)

40' insulated container

*40' X 8' X 9' 6"  High Cube $6000.00*40' X 8' X 9' 6" 

*We offer a $50.00 discount per container if you purchase 2 or more.

* Containers come out of the port/depot of Oakland

*We accept payment at delivery

*We accept Cash, Check, and Credit at delivery

 Delivery Prices

Search for your city or county in the table below for our delivery prices.

Rates subject to change without notice based on exact location and situation. All rates below are based on in town or equivalent deliveries and/or pickups, rural and off road deliveries will be charged more according to their difficulty and time needed to safely complete transport services. $100 additional items below overtime / waiting time per hour. Half hour free time at pickup and delivery. 2 x 20' on 40' trailer. 45' loads acceptable. Deliveries or pickups required before 8am or after 8pm weekends or holidays. Per load contents inside container up to 1000 lbs / over that negotiable split drops + mileage. Roof cleaning required or removal of turbines. Off-road hourly on top of rate.

It is responsibility of a client to locate and notify us about all underground utilities, drain pipes, electrical vaults, septic tanks, culverts, and etc.
AllCal Containers is not liable for property damage, damage to buildings, ground, underground, landscape, and vehicles.

If we agree to go off road it is at customer risk and expense.
If we get stuck customer is responsible for truck time ($125/hour) and all of the wrecker fees.


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