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frequently asked questions

Where do the containers come from?

All containers in Northern California come out of the Port of Oakland they are staged in depots which is where your container is picked up from. AllCal has a small yard that can store up to 15 containers but we don’t have an “inventory” regularly on hand although we typically have a few on sight at a time and available for inspection.

What should I do to prepare for the container?

*Make sure you have moved any obstructions from where you want the container placed
*You can poor a cement pad
 *You can lay down wood blocks/rail road ties
 *You can have base rock delivered (2” -3” deep is the average)
* The container can be set straight on the ground

Used Shipping Containers

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What does Cargo Worthy mean?

Cargo Worthy is a quality or “grade” rating that is the shipping lines give each container as it is no longer used for importing and exporting and then becomes available for resale to the public.
Shipping lines rate containers there are 4 grades of containers

  1. New (or one trip):
    Built overseas, loaded with export items unloaded in Oakland and released for resale to the public

  2. Cargo Worthy:
    This is the highest quality rating with the shipping lines.  These containers are used but considered by the shipping lines to still be high enough quality to carry cargo overseas for importing and exporting

  3. Wind and Water Tight:
    This is a container that not considered high enough quality to be used to import and export items overseas but is graded to be wind and water tight. These will typically be older, have more dents and surface rust, and the doors may be harder to open etc

  4. As is:
    This means you get a container in as is condition and can have rust, dents, holes, broken doors etc.

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