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American Container Sales works very closely with the most experienced container delivery drivers in the industry. We only work with drivers that are properly licensed and insured as a protection to ourselves and more importantly to you as our customer. We will not send a driver to your property unless they operate
legally under the California highway patrol guidelines and the USDOT regulations as well as meet all the insurance requirements necessary to operate as a commercial trucking company.

We will discuss your delivery location with you to ensure we send out the best driver/equipment for your location. Is the container going off road? We have a driver most experienced for that. Is your container being delivered during snowy weather? We have the guy for that. Is your container going inside a warehouse? We send out a driver that is the most experienced and has the necessary equipment that specializes in that. Is the container going in to a tight fit? We send out the driver that with the most experience and the best truck trailer combination to work with that.

The drivers are happy to discuss the delivery ahead of time and are always open to looking at any photos, videos, or Google earth images that can help prepare them to make your delivery go as smoothly as possible.  They are even open to stopping by for a quick peek at your property if they are going to be in the area.

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