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What We offer

We all know what used containers are. They spent years (an average of 10) going overseas hauling inventory that has been loaded and unloaded with inventory by hand or with forklifts for imports and exports overseas they are lifted on and off the cargo ships with cranes and relocated with heavy equipment BUT not all used containers are alike. You can expect used containers to have some dents, some scratches, and some surface rust… but there is a broad range of quality from that point.

American Container Sales specializes in top quality Cargo Worthy used shipping containers
We have built a strong and loyal relationship with our suppliers who understand the level of quality we are expecting in our equipment.

All equipment is inspected including getting inside closing the doors to check for beams of light (if light can get in, water can get in) we check the doors make sure they are straight and not difficult to open, we check the door seals and lastly check for the level of surface rust (is it what is expected or excessive) all container that do not meet our standards of quality will be rejected by us before it is put on a truck for delivery.


We offer:
20’ Standard Height
40’ Standard Height
40’ High Cube
45’ High Cube

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