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Oakland To Lovelock, We Got You

We love repurposing, specially when it comes to shipping containers.  This process of repurposing used shipping containers is environmentally friendly and economical.  In the years that we have been providing shipping containers to industries like agriculture, construction, vintners, livestock, auto, gasoline, etc... we have seen many uses of shipping containers that we could not have imagined.

Here is an example of the second life of a shipping container.  This container was pulled out of the Port of Oakland.  It is a 40 foot cargo container that is of great quality.  We inspected the container for any structural damage or issues.  Once we determined it is of good quality and fully functional we pulled it from the yard and got it ready for delivery.

From Oakland, California to Lovelock, Nevada, our expert delivery service hauled this shipping container safely through its 340 mile journey.  It was delivered to a Chevron Gas Station in Lovelock for its second life as a storage shed.

For more information on available Cargo pr Shipping containers that you can repurpose, please visit our website at

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