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When only the best will do!

Fresh off of the assembly line!

Check out this example of a rare 1 trip 20' High Cube! 20' X 8' X 9'6" 1 trip shipping containers are built overseas, loaded onto a cargo container ship to be used 1 time for importing goods, unloaded, and made available for resale.

This units is freshly painted and has an easy open single hand right side door.

1 Trip containers can be found in many sizes and configurations. From a 20' standard height, 40' standard height, 40' high cube, 40' standard or high cube with double doors on either end of the container. All the way up to the newest option of a 45' high cube container. The only limitation is your imagination. Call All Cal Container Sales 925-785-0285 for a price quote on 1 trip containers.

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